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Public Sector Procurement Fraud. »

The fact that procurement fraud exists in the public sector is nothing new. It ....

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Will Scotland elect to follow Westminster’s lead on EU Directives? »

The difference in public policy between Scotland and the rest of the UK has become increasingly marked since devolution and the ongoing development of the Scottish Parliament. ....

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Procurement Pitfalls: Common Mistakes made by Contracting Authorities »

Contracting Authorities' purchasing teams are usually very aware of the EU public procurement rules and the requirements of procurement law. However, the application of this knowledge is not necessarily always as comprehensive. Mistakes and mis ....

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Making a Difference through Collaborative Procurement with NOE CPC »

North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) provides collaborative and bespoke procurement solutions to the public sector. NOE CPC is one of the leading players in collaborative procurement within the N ....

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Back to School »

How your long-forgotten exam technique could be just the thing to improve your bids ....

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