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Procurement Fairytale »

Below is a short story I came across setting out the everyday perils we face when seeking to put in place a compliant contract for a long-standing ar “Once upon a ....

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Procuring People – The Pitfalls of Agency Staffing Contracts »

Verity Smith is a Procurement Consultant with a wealth of experience procuring contracts for temporary workers, interims and consultants in the Public Sector. Here, she shares her views on recent changes in legislation and some tips on how to start procurement exercises in this complicated cat ....

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This article focuses on one aspect of outsourcing arrangements which can be quite contentious, namely “Step-in” rights. Step-in rights are often se ....

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Medium-Value Procurement - The Cinderella Process »

I sleep pretty soundly at night but if I didn’t, it would be medium-value procurement that might keep me awake. Low-value procurement at the University of York is largely devolved but well regulated via procurement systems and ....

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The post election period throws down the gauntlet to procurement professionals »

Freelance healthcare procurement consultant Mark Abrahams examines the implications of the election from an NHS Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) perspective in supporting their Cli ....

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