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Making a Difference through Collaborative Procurement with NOE CPC

9th July 2017

North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) provides collaborative and bespoke procurement solutions to the public sector. NOE CPC is one of the leading players in collaborative procurement within the NHS in England, and is wholly NHS owned. Since establishment in 2007 a range of procurement and commercial services have been developed to support their customers. The primary role is to help them to function more efficiently through cost-effective collaborative procurement. In this article, Steve Sercombe, Corporate Procurement Director at NOE CPC, explains some of the key benefits of working with a procurement partner such as NOE CPC.

What services does NOE CPC provide to NHS and the wider public sector

The services NOE CPC provides can be summarised as:

These examples are just a small sample of those on offer – currently almost 90 contracts and frameworks are available for both members and non-members to take advantage of.

How important is it for public sector to provide cost-effective services and solutions?

In the current financial climate the need for the public sector to provide high quality, efficient and cost effective services has never been greater. Everything the public sector can do to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of its support functions ultimately helps to maintain and improve service delivery to the end user.

How can the public sector use framework agreements such as CPC Drive to save costs and provide efficiency within services?

As one of numerous contracts on offer, CPC Drive is a salary sacrifice car scheme which offers public sector organisations the opportunity to drive a brand new car at a heavily discounted rate.

Framework agreements offer the public sector an efficient and speedy route to purchase a wide variety of goods and services, however in our view it is really important that authorities make sure they are fully informed before electing to use a particular agreement. That is certainly our approach when talking to the public sector about the merits of using CPC Drive. Ultimately while frameworks can be both efficient and convenient, authorities must never lose sight of the need to secure value for money.

What are some of the benefits of accessing CPC Drive?

Our salary sacrifice car scheme offers a number of benefits to both trusts and their employees. As well as saving you money, on average around £700 per car per year through reduced Class 1A National Insurance Contribution (NIC) and pension contributions, accessing this framework also saves you time as we’ve already done the procurement legwork meaning that lengthy administration processes are cut out and you can rely on our dedicated procurement approach to maximise relationships with manufacturers to negotiate and secure the best possible deals for your employees. Other benefits include an award winning fully supported online system to make the process as straight forward as possible, supporting the environment through reduced CO2 emissions with our choice of ‘green’ vehicles, all with CO2 emissions of 150g/km or less and the opportunity to offer your employees a generous and highly valued employee benefit. We also offer a number of solutions to mitigate any risk associated with employees leaving the scheme early.

What makes NOE CPC different in the way it delivers procurement services to the NHS and wider public sector.

We are constantly working with our members to improve upon the contracts that we offer and new contracts are continually being added to our portfolio of services.

We believe what makes us different is how we work with our customers both collectively and individually to build an understanding of what they need. We then use our expertise to deliver procurement contract and framework solutions that drive down costs and provide better customer experiences.

You can find out more about the work of NOE CPC at our website: or by contacting Caroline Brash, Customer Relationship Manager,

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